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Sunday, Mar 1, 2015

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This program provides a safe, quality environment in which the children learn through hands on activities. The children also learn proper social skills in this environment. 

This program provides quality educational and social experiences for preschool children at no cost to families. Children participate in fun activities that encourage them to develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Head Start programs are funded in part by the Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families.

Here is a success story from Anthony, a friend of Community Action:

"I got sole custody of my kids on August 4, and I was in shambles on what to do."

Anthony wanted to raise his four children right--he wanted to the the great father his children deserved. As a single father, he obtained full custody for his children shortly before the school year sharted and had to work quickly to get his children into school and preschool. Through a referral, Anothy signed his youngest son, Jerquavis, up for Community Action's Head Start program.

"Once I got into Head Start, then it was like everything else just fell in place. [Without Community Action], it would have been a longer struggle, finding out what is needed or where I can get the services. I don't really reach out. Head Start made it a lot easier to find out and also to ask for help."

Through Community Action's Head Start program, Jerquavis received a wonderful preschool education. In addition, Anthony found a support system for his entire family. Head Start assisted Anthony with referrals to children-friendly dentists and doctors, tutors for his older children, and opportunities for trainings. Now, a permanent member of the Head Start policy council, Anthony enjoys the continued services. He attends two to three trainings each year on subjects such as fatherhood, parenting and personal finances. He still uses the referral program to find services for his children. He also has used Community Action's other services, such as the weatherization program.

"It works. Invest as much as you can. It is going to benefit kids in the future, maybe even your kids or grandkids. Continue giving. Head Start is a blessing to a person like mysself."

Community Action is still enrolling children for the 2015-2016 Head Start and Early Head Start school year. Call today!