Rental/Utility Assistance

Assists low-income families and individuals with eviction prevention and utility assistance.

Assistance may include emergency assistance with utilities (such as gas, electric, water, and deliverable fuels) and housing.

Requirements: subject to grant fund availability

Calhoun County:

 Income qualification: 250% of poverty level (until CARES grant expires and then it will return to 200%)

covers past due gas, electric, water, deliverable fuel, rent, mortgage, funeral expenses(if related to COVID) and property tax(for those being foreclosed upon)

Some grants funded by Calhoun Co. Senior Millage Grants are available only to income qualifying residents over the age of 60

 Kalamazoo County:

Same as above (though some of their grants other than CARES are available only to those at 150% of poverty level)

In addition: some educational expenses

 Branch County:

Same as Calhoun Co (as long as we have CARES- otherwise we have no funds for assistance in Branch Co)

One small grant for assistance with utilities and past due rent for residents of Whispering Pines Apts.

 St. Joseph County:

Same as Calhoun Co.

Income Limits: vary depending on funder; please call 211 (a free information/referral call)  or 1-877-422-2726 to see what is available to assist you at this time.



Available in:

  • Barry County
  • Branch County
  • Calhoun County
  • St. Joseph County
  • Kalamazoo County